EC students recieve Fulbright Scholarship

Two EC students received the Fulbright Scholarship for the first time in the college’s history.

EC seniors Mary Dickey and Isabelle Juvan have been given the chance to study in Germany and Slovakia.

The Fulbright Scholarship, a government sponsored program, is usually awarded to one student every two to three years at EC, said Dickey.  A student who receives this scholarship has the opportunity to study for an extended period of time abroad immersed in the community and culture of the country they get placed.

The scholarship pays for living expenses, travel and gives those who are participating a food stipend for the duration of their stay, according to Dickey.

As a history major, studying German and having an interest in German military history, Dickey will study for ten months in Germany, teaching English to students as a teaching assistant.

“While I had the option to go to other places, I fell in love with Germany when I visited Berlin during my study abroad in England and knew I wanted to spend more time there,” Dickey said.

While in Germany, Dickey will be required to be a part of the community and have the opportunity to take classes at a local university.  She, however, does not think she will be able to participate in taking classes.

“The experience is meant to have [the recipient] be immersed in the culture and community of the country they are sent to,” she said. “The point of this program is to have an inter cultural exchange and the best way to do that is to be a part of the community you are teaching in.  To share the American identity and in return the identity of the other country.” 

Juvan will teach English in Slovakia, according to Dickey.

The Leader could not get in contact with Juvan to get more information on what she will be doing while in Slovakia.