Strong Reactions: One bad apple spoils nothing

Roxanne Timan Multimedia Editor @roxlobster

Roxanne Timan Multimedia Editor @roxlobster

Roxanne Timan, Multimedia Editor
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This week, Donald Trump decided to cut funding to the United Nations Population Fund, a decision that will cut $32.5 million from the 2017 budget. Over 150 countries will be affected by this budget cut. 

The cut is being made in efforts to push the pro-life agenda abroad. However, it is based off the generalizations that China’s family planning programs coerce women into abortions as well as sterilizations. Although the U.N. claims, “there is no evidence that UNFPA directly engages in coercive abortions or involuntary sterilizations in China”, the decision to cut the funding was made regardless. 

This was not a conversation our country was having, and the lack of publicity on the issue has led the decision to go under the radar. The news broke as a decision without any notice that it was even on the President’s agenda. We did not see women protesting or a social media boom. Women’s rights were knocked out without being able to put up a fight, without valid reasoning.  

So why are we punishing the innocent for the undocumented accusations of one country? This will affect millions of women of all ages from around the world. “One apple spoils the whole bunch” is not a motto to make governmental decisions on humanity. Not all clinics are ringing women in for abortions, they are providing the support women need so they never have to make the decision to get one.

What this means is that women will be turned away from clinics, or go into financial trouble to get the help they need. In a worse case scenario, those who are totally out of resources will be faced with keeping the baby, even if they are victims of rape or face risk of childbirth complications. 

Either way you look at it, abortion is bad. No one wants to get an abortion, the psychological and physical ailments are long lasting. There is not freedom after making the decision to get an abortion, but keeping a baby is not the easier solution for some women. This is not an argument to say which side is right, but everyone has the right to make decisions on their own.  Resources need to be available to all, even if they are not up to your moral standards.

This is not a case of “teaching the world a lesson” because of one bad apple, rather, it is threatening how we treat one another, without understanding their situation. Reproductive rights shouldn’t have to be a part of a budget —let alone it is being cut.