The Leader begins investigation into three recently reported EC sexual assaults

Emergency station near Schiable parking lot. Photo by Kenneth Edison

Victoria Martin

News Editor

Three sexual assaults have been reported since March 29 according to the EC campus crime report posted online and in Daniels Hall.

On March 29 there was an assault in Dinkmeyer Hall, one in Niebuhr hall on April 12 and another in Dinkmeyer Hall involving the Elmhurst police on April 16.

According to the EC Assistant to the Dean and Coordinator of Conduct and Compliance Jenn Kosciw, the FBI requires colleges to report all reported sexual assaults to the students.

Campus security did not respond to questions about said requirements and other issues on the topic of sexual assault at EC.

Campus security posted on Facebook, updating EC students about the most recent cases and has updated the entirety of the crime reports dating back to January of this year, since The Leader’s inquiries.

The reports on the bulletin include the general information about the assault, titling it a sexual assault, the location of the incident and the entity investigating the incident.

In determining what gets reported to students on a larger scale Kosciw said, “The campus security decides what is considered an ongoing threat to the campus.”  

“Most sexual assaults do not get reported beyond the crime alert put out by campus security,” Kosciw continued, even though it is reported that 63.3 percent of men who claimed to have committed an act of sexual assault, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center in their report updated in 2015, have also admitted to committing repeat offenses.

When responding to a report campus security is normally the first respondent, Kosciw said, and responds accordingly: offering to investigate, file further reports with the Elmhurst police and possible hospital visit.

A report done by AAUW done on November 23, 2015 reported 91 percent of colleges claimed no sexual assaults had happened on their campuses. Another report done by RAINN said only 20 percent of victims report the incident to police if at all.

With the three sexual assaults on the EC campus being under investigation, The Leader will continue to investigate and will update as new information surfaces.