ECIC renewal board seeks student input

Victoria Martin, News Editor

SGA members and one other student from EC met with two members of the ECIC renewal board on March 16 to give student feedback on the ECIC system.

The students stressed that the ECIC system requirements work for the more open majors like English or business, but are difficult for those in more specific areas such as the Education or nursing program.

EC Junior Niki Patel brought forth the issue of classes with tags being more involved and more major focused.

“I found a lot of these courses that I have fallen into to fill the ECIC requirements were so much more involved than my major classes,” Patel told the members of the renewal board.  “I have had professors that are not so understanding [about struggling].  Because of this I am not getting the grades I should be.”

President of SGA Esther Pereira added to the conversation by mentioning her challenges in the Education program.

Pereira, while having some issues with the ECIC program, felt lucky to have a counselor who understands the system and helped her plan out her four years at EC. However, other students have not been so lucky.

“The advisors aren’t well prepared for the ECIC,” Pereira said. “Students have to keep track of their own ECIC without the help of their advisors and it has delayed their graduation.”

Meanwhile, Patel commented on there not being any way to get ECIC credit for newly tagged courses without having to petition and possibly risk being set back because of it.

“Newly approved ECIC courses that I have taken in the past, there is no grandfathering in,  which is very frustrating,” Patel said. “As a second semester Junior, I am focusing on graduation and cannot afford to be here another semester because of [a missing tag].”

A follow up meeting to continue getting students input will be held on March 29 in the President’s Dining Room in the Frick Center.