SGA addresses commuting students

SGA representative Katie Najdi suggests new ideas to better incorperate commuter students in EC events. Photo by Stefan Carlson

Victoria Martin, News Editor

Getting commuter students more involved and making EC more inclusive to the commuter community was discussed during SGA on March 2.

In a previous meeting, SGA suggested giving the commuters a place designated to them like the honors lounge in the EC library. It was suggested that SGA would try and get the faculty lounge to be turned into a commuter lounge.  

The idea of a commuter lounge was dismissed not wanting to force any group out of their designated space on campus.

To come up with new ideas on how to include commuter students on campus, President of SGA Esther Pereira came up with having a newsstand in the Frick Center with free coffee and doughnuts in the morning to get out information about events on campus. 

“A news stand on Tuesday mornings to give out coffee and have [SGA members] give it out might be a nice way to keep commuters and residential students informed about campus events,” Pereira said during the meeting.

Two SGA representatives, Katie Nejdi and Daniela Barca,  also came up with the idea to put newsletters in bathroom stalls around campus.

“Tinkle Tales was what we called in high school and it was a big hit,” Nejdi said. “People would get so upset when it wasn’t updated. It became a great way to get students informed and involved with the school.”

While no program was finalized, Pereira suggested starting a new committee of SGA members to continue the process and discussion outside of SGA. When asked to take charge, no members volunteered to be on the committee.